Slash of Crimson Release by Rymfire Books

So today’s the day, Rymfire is releasing Slash of Crimson. I will post links to booksellers as they become available; it may not be up on until tomorrow. Also, the book will be available in ebook format first and the paperback release possibly a week away yet. For folks who’d rather wait for the paperback, that’s all good; I invite anyone to try out the ebook format on Amazon, however, as it will cost significantly less.

Here’s what some advance readers had to say about it:

Slash of Crimson brims with a sensual grittiness that is every bit as hypnotic and captivating as its mysterious heroine. Fans of Joe Hill or Neil Gaiman will appreciate Moore’s keen knack for description and atmosphere that all comes together in a contemporary gothic tale that sinks in its claws on the very first page and doesn’t let go even after its thrilling conclusion.” — Allison M. Dickson, author of Dust

Slash of Crimson is a fun read with a climax that caught me totally off guard. Carl Moore has crafted a must for anyone who cares about reading good books or just reading…period.” —Brent Abell, author of In Memoriam (forthcoming)

Again, I’ll be posting links to booksellers as they come in. For now enjoy a look at the official cover, and thanks in advance to all readers:

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