Happy to announce that my first book since 2017,  Chains in the Sky, is available today from Seventh Star Press. Huge thanks to Stephen Zimmer and Holly Phillippe for making this a reality. I have been writing steadily for the past three years, yet for various reasons, 2019 did not see a new book release (and in 2018, I only published one novelette, Mommy and the Satanists). However, this year is ending with a new beginning, and I hope readers will enjoy this fast-paced supernatural thriller that is also my first full-length novel:

I also look forward to returning more attention to this blog, particularly since the new release is set in the Crimes of Heaven and Hell world (after which this blog is titled). But this space isn’t just for promoting my work—it’s for reviewing some of the millions of amazing books out there. So please take a look through some of the past reviews and author interviews, and I look forward to more to come!

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