Book Release Update

I wanted to write an update on the release of Slash of Crimson and Other Stories chiefly to announce that the book will be released in late summer. This is due to the publisher and myself simply having a better idea of how long interim tasks are going to take to complete. I am working closely with Charon Coin Press on the final edits, and am quite happy with how everything is going. For those who have read the original novella, I’d like to emphasize how much more this collection will offer. Slash of Crimson itself has been expanded to include the history and points of view of several characters besides Drew Aldrin. The new material extends the book by nearly a third. What’s more, there will be a second novelette totalling 30K+ words, along with another 20K words in short stories. The shorts are some of the most intense Crimes and Heaven and Hell material written to date. All of this will flesh out details that will serve to offer intriguing foreshadowing for the full length novels to follow (yes, there will be news of those as well following the S.O.C. release; it has been a long time coming, but arrive it shall).

So stay tuned for more news on the Crimes and Heaven and Hell series. In the meantime enjoy the new material being posted here on the website, including the stories embodied in the Cantos (Part III of Canto I will be posted next Friday), as well as more book reviews, interviews, and more.

Heave oars for the starlit abyss—




Canto I: Part I

Canto I: Part II

Charon Coin Press


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