S.O.C. New Edition Update

I wanted to write a short update on where things stood with the publication of Slash of Crimson and Other Stories. As of this morning, I have sent the final drafts of novella Torn from the Devil’s Chest and short story Blood Balance to publisher Charon  Coin Press. I am now set to focus on the ‘director’s cut’ of Slash of Crimson itself. It will be fun to be revisiting and bringing out previously unpublished scenes with Drew and Desiree and the rest of the Broodbloodz crew. I’m also happy to have a lot of new Crimes of Heaven and Hell material hitting the press, laying groundwork for the strange universe where the stories take place. Such will add considerable context for when the first full length novel follows.

Thanks to anyone who has read the first edition, and whether new to or familiar with the series, there will be ample undiscovered depths to explore this coming spring.

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