Writing Update and Free Lesson on How to Handle the Spectre of Antagonism

So I’m feeling a bit these days like I’m on a ship waiting for a strong gale and I’m fearing it at the same time—I have a lot of short stories out I’m waiting to hear back on; I have interviews and book reviews and adventures to relate here on the blog; I have folks with whom I need to get back in touch.

Yet at the same time I’m hoping to get things moving again on the networking/social side, I am glad for the quietude because I am finishing a project which requires concentration. I have the spectre of antagonism standing behind me, gaunt and dirty-nailed. He invites himself into the captain’s cabin nonetheless and tells me the project is behind schedule. Of course I’m even harder on myself than he is, as I despise taking too long on projects, and am known in our house to be obsessed with being on time. And so, while wrapping this up by the end of May is realistic, the spectre still goads me by laughing and flaring his wrinkly yellow eyes and saying the cyber-house is in tatters, the bread’s gone moldy and the oil painting of Armand Rosamilia is making eyes at the mermaid statue like it’ll come to life…

“Join me in sweet oblivion,” the spectre says, smacking his lips.

“Wait, are you saying we should just hangout and finish off this bottle of dessert wine?” I ask.

“What bottle of dessert wine?” he asks.

“Exactly, ya effen woos!” (Gulps espresso, gets back to typing, with the promise of a book and a scotch to toast it in none too long).

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