Interviews, Portents and Intimations

Due to a busy week I haven’t yet been able update this blog since the interview with Dan O’Brien. I’m happy to say the interview went very well. Dan has a knack for asking good questions and guiding the conversation so that it minimizes going off on tangled tangents (prone to them as I am (grin)).

Something I liked a great deal about our chat was the chance to discuss setting and a story’s sense of place. We talked about how Slash of Crimson ended up being set in Portland, Maine, a city I haven’t lived in for many years, and a little about the significance of that. I also enjoyed the parts of the conversation that focused on a writer’s craft, talking about narrative forms, and, as Dan is a writer himself, the detail which we were able to get into during our half-hour.

So for those of you who didn’t get a chance to listen, here is the link to the archive once more: Friday, July 13, 2012 Interview with Dan O’Brien

In the next few weeks I’ll be heading off to Maine, and look forward to updating the blog again from there. But I will also be gearing up for finishing the next book in the Crimes of Heaven and Hell series, which takes place in New York City. More specifically, a significant amount of the action occurs in the borough of Brooklyn.

There will be quite a few fun things coming up in August in September, including book reviews, a journey to H.P. Lovecraft’s Brooklyn apartment building, as well as a reading at Shade Bar with writer and Thuglit Zine editor Todd Robinson.

Keep reading, and heave oars for the starlit abyss!

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