Slash of Crimson, debut novella

Thus the posts below offer a summary of my most recent publications. They don’t encompass all magazines and anthologies in recent years, however, they do represent a more consistent theme that leads up to the novella that will be released in March. For Slash of Crimson is the prologue to a series of novels whose characters will disturb nature, science and religion with their infectious abberrations, and yet may also inspire the strangest sympathies and reflections on the oldest of stories, indeed. In the meantime much blood will be spilled, and if it is entertaining, well hey, we can’t exactly call it meaningless…

I’d like to thank editor and writer Armand Rosamilia in advance of the release, and recommend all of the great fiction and non-fiction products available from Rymfire Ebooks and Carnifex Metal (click on pic below to link the Rymfire store). I will also bring some book reviews into this blog, as well as feature entries on writers I admire. I hope those of you into horror and dark fiction enjoy all of it, and when the time comes, pick up a copy of Slash of Crimson for your bookshelf or Kindle.

Regards, thanks and until next time,


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